Web Development (Service)

A well-developed website is a definitive way to ensure that your brand has the foundation for gaining more traffic and a stronger brand presence online.
Social4you provides services for web development such as consulting, creating functional wireframes, designing of website appearance, managing and producing content assets for your website, troubleshooting, deployment, security, database management, form integration as well as a general set-up for website analytics.
Website development can be customized to be more integrated and specialized, to be charged according to the service required. Other services may include, server maintenance and upkeep, domain management as well as email management.
For e-commerce sites, the basic services listed above can also be provided and additional set-up of payment gateway and e-commerce web analytics will be put into play. Additionally, if CMS is required, set-up services are provided as well.

Note: We work with WordPress sites, campaign microsites and corporate websites only.