Social Media Marketing (Service)

Social media marketing includes services such as creatives for advertisements, management of advertising media budget, optimizing of advertising budget, tracking and reporting of return-on-investments (ROI) as well as community management on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.
Advertisements creatives: The way your audience perceives your brand and its product/service can be deeply sated in the advertising collaterals that are posted online. The creatives for advertising we offer include static images, gifs and videos that align with your branding and KPIs.
Advertising media budget management and optimization: Money spent wisely, is money well-spent. As such, here at Social4you we believe that knowing where to invest your advertising capital provides a good foundation for getting the best ROI.
We show you what social media platforms work best for your brand using organic data gathered and help you prioritize the right platforms that benefit your brand whereby you hit KPIs indefinitely.
Tracking and Reporting of ROI: Here, your advertising capital can be accounted for to a T – we provide continuous reporting on what your money is being spent on at consistent intervals of your campaign.

Community management: Too much engagement and too little control? Fret not, Social4you provides you an executive team of community managers that learn your branding quickly and create a neater way for managing your audiences and their expectations.

Community management includes managing social assets on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Linkedin, crisis management, setting up trackable links to redirect audiences to prioritized brand causes and evolving online brand identity through prompt replies.