Search Engine Optimisation (Service)

Search Engine Optimisation is a digital marketing strategy that grows your brand’s online visibility through associating your brand with keywords that are in line with your customers’ needs and, products or services you provide.
These keywords enable your brand to be ranked higher in the search results page of the search engine (Google) which can be personalized in order to garner more traffic to a link/website your brand is trying to drive customers too.

This is the typical process of our SEO servicing:

Step 1: Client would provide us with a list of 20 keywords associated with their brand or we will choose for them.

Step 2: Based on the 20 keywords, we will provide monthly SEO reports to the Client.

Step 3: Based on the data derived from the reports, we would advise the client on which elements of their site are effective and which aspects need improvement.

Step 4: If opted by client, Social4you will be able to manage your Search Engine Optimisation in order to improve SEO rankings for your website. This will be through relevant services such as meta-tagging, monitoring and fixing their website loading page speed, etc.