MIKE LIM – Founder of Social4you

Mike is a Web Analytic Master, Social Media Audience expert and a strong believer in Social Media ROI (Tangible ROI AKA sales). Using social media audience to advance his client business to the next level is the goal of his services under Social4You, a Social-First Digital Marketing Consultancy company.
He started his career in as a Social Media Analyst in a leading social media agency, Vocanic where he serves client such as Starhub, Mini Cooper, Wingtai Retail brands, Harley Davidson, ION Orchard. Social4You was set up to increase brands ROI through a Social-First approach towards digital marketing and make use of the rich social media audience targeting made available by the various social media platforms.
After which, he was involved in Web Analytics Training by becoming the of the only 4 and the youngest in south-east Asia to be certified as a Web Analytics Master under Web Analytics Consultant Association. He had since conducted various corporate and institution training at NUS, SMU, Interpol APAC, Mediacorp, MooveMedia and media agency in Bangkok and Jakarta. Over 300 participants had benefited his training over the past two years across South East Asia.
With a combination of social media and web analytics expertise, Mike had been able to quantify his effort to his client and resulted in the multi-year renewal of contract by his client and attracting Big Brands such as Mediacorp, Moove Media, Sunstar, Alila hotels & resorts and Sofitel for his services.
Mike believes in the way forward in digital is to have a firm understand on where Social Media is placed in the consumer journey and be able to digitally personalise each consumer interaction with the brands to increase ROI by understanding the consumer individually rather than collectively.