Digital Consulting (Service)

Here at Social4you, we believe that digital transformation has to be forward-looking. To create this mindset in our clients, we believe each and every employee has to be in-sync with digital media trends and pitfalls that make or break a company’s online brand presence and marketing expenditure.

Made up of an executive team of data-driven and meticulous digital marketers, Social4you not only upskill professionals into digital catalysts, but also instill confidence into the body of a brand by training employees with digital media knowledge that helps them embrace digital transformation through practice and small-group demonstrations.

Typical structure of Consultations

Step 1: Our executive team audits your brand to figure out pitfalls and problems of the company, digitally.
Step 2: We suggest appropriate methodology and tools to accelerate the digital transformation.
Step 3: We hire the appropriate expertise to set up the internal digital team and/or re-train existing team.
Step 4: In the meantime, our executive team manages the brands’ current digital assets.
Step 5: A standard of procedure (SOP) will be set up for the new digital team.
Step 6: Social4you audits performance of employees to provide guidance where needed. Step in when needed.

*This lasts over the course of at least 12-18 months. Customization of digital training programs are available according to your brand’s needs.