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Flexible Work Arrangements Policy

1.Introduction Flexible Work Arrangements (FWAs) offer employees with greater flexibility to manage both their work and personal commitments, while offering the organisation a smart and efficient way to achieve business goals.

Purpose This policy aims to ensure that staff and supervisors are aware of the types of FWAs available in the organisation and understand the roles and responsibilities involved in the application and approval process. However, employees should understand that the availability of such arrangements is subjected to the organisation’s operational requirements and individual circumstances.

2. Types and definition of FWAs Offered

The following FWAs are offered to staff. Should a staff wish to apply FWAs that are not available in the list, you may wish to discuss with your supervisor to explore alternative arrangements.

a) Staggered Time - An arrangement where employees can vary their daily start and end times to suit their work and personal commitments

b) Telecommuting - A flexi-place arrangement in which the job is performed at a location other than the workplace using information and communication technologies. It may be on a situational or episodic basis, i.e. need-based; or core, i.e. a routine, regular and recurring basis

3. Guidelines of Eligibility Application and Usage

3.1 Eligibility FWAs are only offered to staff that have passed their probationary period.

3.2 Application All FWAs requests must be made email to your supervisor.

Any request made must include: Types of FWAs, the changes that the employee is seeking to their terms and conditions (e.g. hours of work), date from when the proposed change to come into effect and its duration, reasons for request and ways to stay contactable etc. Supervisor shall evaluate and inform the outcome of the request within 21 days of application.

3.3 Usage Rules

  • Staff is required to seek permission or discuss with their supervisor before starting FWAs
  • Supervisors who approve the FWAs for their staff should ensure that their department is adequately covered, and the needs of internal and external stakeholders can be satisfied without adverse impact to the organisation
  • Staff must possess the appropriate equipment to allow the job to be performed away from principal place of employment
  • Staff must work in their regular office hours, have a contact telephone number and be available to remain contacted for the regular business day
  • Staff will be in compliance with all applicable IT, security, privacy and confidentiality policies and procedures
  • Staff is required to take reasonable care of their own health and safety
  • The organisation’s operational needs shall take precedence over FWAs
  • The organisation reserves the right to withdraw or refuse staff request to FWAs at any time