Top 5 Telegram Hacks That You MUST Know!!

Back in the days text messaging or rather SMS, was the main mode of communication between peers, friends and family due to its convenience that it brings. Fast forward till few years ago, Whatsapp was born and it was all the rave, a necessity to have, it was that messaging application that your colleagues would often use to share gossips, business talks and more.
With the speed of technological advancement, a new player has entered the market. One with loads of creative and extensive features the former didn't have, one with the former's downsides as its strengths, and yet still providing the same core value that got everyone hooked. "Do you have telegram?" was the phrase that was unheard of, years back when Whatsapp was all the rave, but a phrase that is often heard in today's era.
With all the extensive and fun features Telegram brings, here are the top 5 tips you must know to fully utilize this amazing messaging application. Let the list begin!

Number #1 : Customize The App To Your Liking

Tired of seeing green? or maybe you have a favorite color you wished it was the main accent color of your messaging app. Fret not, in Telegram, you are able to create and use your own custom theme. In a sense, make Telegram look exactly the way you like it.
Simply go to Settings - Appearance and select your desired styles. From there, you may change different elements, color accents and even the app icon style is customizable!
Oh yes, you can also customize the background image of your chats, simply head to "Chat Background" in settings and you're all set!

Number #2 : Night Mode

Always had a preference for Night Mode? Especially how it helps with your eyes before sleeping too. With Night Mode, you are able to have a dark theme or a dark tinted theme to suit your tastes. Simply head to your settings, select appearances, select either night or tinted night, and you're all set!

Number #3 : Share Your Current Location in Real-Time

Don't you hate it when you want to inform you friends where you are at that moment of time because you had to leave the app, go to your map apps, wait for it to load, select pin location, screen shot, go back to your messaging app and than send the screenshot?
These troubles disappear with Telegram's ability to share your current location instantly without wasting time navigating aimlessly as you send your location. Why bother to look around for which street you are at, or where is your nearest building when it can all be said with a click of a button! Definitely a feature you must take advantage of!

Number #4 : Protect Your Chats with a Password!

With this feature, you are able to finally protect your conversations by placing a 4 digit pin or activate the unlock with your fingerprint. Security and privacy are two pillars Telegram takes pride in and definitely benefits all its users. Say goodbye to your worries of having someone intrude your privacy or being a little too nosy when you hand them your phone and happened to be away momentarily.

Number #5 : Pin Messages In Channels

This feature by Telegram makes it more convenient for users who hosts large groups and have trouble announcing or broadcasting critical messages across it's large communities. The trouble of having to broadcast a vital message across your community, only to have it immediately overwritten or buried into everyone's conversations can be a pain. With this, You are able to pin your important announcements into the group so that everyone can clearly see it and be notified. We can already hear the sigh of relief from you!
All in all, Telegram boasts extensive features that are guaranteed beneficial to users and can even be seen as imperative to some. The added aspect of user interface enhancements such as smooth animations when using the app and the little icon animations in general, brings the user experience to another level. We hope you enjoyed these tips and start to fully utilize it! Have a great week ahead to everyone, cheers!

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